Revision in Study Materials for Final Course

Posted: 11/03/2011 in FINAL, Final Exam

There is no change in the syllabus of Final Course, except that the topic “Inflation Accounting” in Paper 1: Financial Reporting and the topics “Time Series Analysis” and “Test of Hypothesis” in Paper 5: Advanced Management Accounting have been excluded for May 2011 examination. Students may be rest assured that there is neither any revision nor any inclusion in the syllabus for May 2011 examination.

As far as revision/updation of Study Materials is concerned, it is a continuous process and it is very essential that you remain updated with the developments in all the subjects of your curriculum. In the Study Materials released in January 2011, the revision in core subjects has been effected to bring them in line with the latest Accounting Standards/IFRSs, Standards on Auditing, Guidance Notes, Finance Act, 2010, Notifications and Circulars, SEBI regulations etc. In other subjects, like Strategic Financial Management, practical illustrations have been added and efforts have been taken to explain the concepts in a more student-friendly manner.

Students may note that the Study Material of Paper 1: Financial Reporting has been revised in line with the latest applicable Accounting Standards and Guidance Notes, IFRSs, amendments made by SEBI regulations and prudential norms for Non-Banking Financial Companies. Similarly, the Study Material for Paper 3: Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics has been revised in line with the latest applicable Standards on Auditing and notifications and circulars issued by RBI. As regards the Study Material of Paper 4: Corporate and Allied Laws, the revision has been done mainly on account of the latest SEBI regulations and amendments in FEMA, 1999. The significant areas/chapters in which changes have been effected in the Study Materials have been tabulated subject-wise and given as an annexure.

Click here to download the Annexure.

Source: ICAI


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