Blocking of DIN consequent to Non-Filing of Statement of Affairs (SOA)

Posted: 15/09/2011 in Company, DIN, MCA

General Circular No.56 /2011, F. No. 35/6/2011/Insolvency, Dated 28th July 2011.

It has been observed that companies are not filing Statement of Affairs (SOA) in time in terms of section 454 of the Companies Act, 1956. This delays the process of liquidation considerably. It has, therefore, been decided to give the companies and the directors of such companies where winding up orders have been passed by the Hon’ble Court, one months notice to file SOA before action for blocking their DIN is initiated by the Ministry.

2. Official Liquidators shall furnish list of all such directors who have failed to furnish SOA (giving their details) to the Ministry on 3rd working day of every month starting from 5th September, 2011 by e-mail to respective RD, ROC, e-Governance Cell and Insolvency Section of this Ministry.

3. MCA 21 cell in the Ministry would block DIN of all such directors on getting information after approval of the competent authority concerned and intimate the same to all.

Click to download the above Circular- General Circular No: 56/2011 dated 28.07.2011.

Source: Ministry of Corporate Affairs


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