Filing of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account on XBRL mode

Posted: 15/09/2011 in Company, MCA, XBRL

Filing of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account on eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) mode.

Circular No. 57/2011, No. HQ/MCA/DigitisedBS/AR/2009, Dated 28.07.2011.

The Para 3 of the Circular No. 37/2011, dated 07.06.2011 may be read as under: –

“All companies falling in Phase-I class of companies (excluding exempted class) are permitted to file their financial statements without any additional fee up to 30.11.2011 or within 60 days of their due date, whichever is later.”

2. Further, in supersession of Para 2(i) of Ministry’s Circular No. 43/2011, dated 07.07.2011, it is informed that the verification and certification of the XBRL document of financial statements on the e-forms would continue to be done by authorized signatory of the company as well as professional like Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary or Cost Accountant in whole time practice.

3. This issue with approval of Competent Authority.

Click to download the above Circular- General Circular No: 57/2011 dated 28.07.2011.

Source: Ministry of Corporate Affairs

  1. […] partial modification of Para 1 of the Ministry’s Circular no. 57/2011 dated 28.07.2011, the last date for filing financial statements in XBRL mode without any additional fee due to delay […]

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