MCA Circular on E-Filing to avoid Last Minute Rush

Posted: 21/09/2011 in Company, ICAI, MCA

MCA Circular on E-Filing to avoid Last Minute Rush(Important Notice – Annual Filing 2011).

Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Government of India

Dear Corporates,

As you are aware, the last date for filing of your Company’s Balance Sheet and Annual Return for the Current Year is falling due soon. To avoid last minute rush and system congestion in mca21 due to heavy filing in last 10 days of the months of October And November 2011, It Is requested that filing of Balance Sheet and Annual Return may preferably be done in the following order:-

Preferable Dates for filing

Company Names starting with

September 2011

October 2011

November 2011

Alphabets A to D All days during the Month 1st Oct to 05 Oct 2011 1st Nov to 05 Nov 2011
Alphabets E to K


6th Oct to 10th Oct 2011 6th Nov to 10th Nov 2011
Alphabets L to Q


11th Oct to 15th Oct 2011 11th Nov to 15th Nov 2011
Alphabets R & S


16th Oct to 20th Oct 2011 16th Nov to 20th Nov 2011
Alphabets T to Z


21st Oct to 25th Oct 2011 21st Nov to 25th Nov 2011
Remaining / Left out Companies


26th Oct to 31st Oct 2011 26th Nov to 30th Nov 2011

Kindly plan your filing accordingly.

During this period, roc facilitation centers/ help desks would give priority in E-filing/answering queries of companies falling under the above alphabetical order.

Source: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.


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