Release of Do’s & Don’ts Manual by Chairman, CBDT

Posted: 30/09/2011 in Income Tax

Release of Do’s & Don’t s Manual by Chairman, CBDT.

Manual of Do’s & Don’t s covering various aspects of General Conduct, Financial administration, Tax administration and Vigilance Administration etc. prepared by the Vigilance Directorate, was released by Shri Prakash Chandra, Chairman CBDT during the Video Conference on 29.07.2011.


Chapter I General Conduct.
Chapter II Conduct as per CCS (Conduct) Rules.
Chapter III Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place.
Chapter IV Canons of Financial Propriety.
Chapter V Vigilance Administration.
Chapter VI Disciplinary Proceedings
(A) Suspension.
(B) Departmental Enquiry
      (I) General
     (II) Inquiry Officer
    (III) Presenting Officer
Chapter VII Administration of Direct Tax Laws

Click to download the above Manual- Release of Do’s & Don’ts Manual by Chairman, CBDT.- {PDF Format},- (File Size:- 41.8 MB).

Source: Income Tax Department of India.


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