Allotment of Director’s Identification Number (DIN) under Companies Act, 1956

Posted: 16/11/2011 in Circulars, Company, DIN, Directors, MCA, PAN

General Circular No. 66/2011, No 212011-CL.V, dated 4th Oct, 2011.

In continuation of General Circular No. 32/2011 dated 31.05.2011 on the subject cited matter, I am directed to say that the time for filing DIN-4 by DIN holders for furnishing the PAN and to update PAN details has been extended till 15.12.2011.

Copy to:

1. ICAI/ICWAI/ICSI/All Chamber of Commerce with a request to give wide publicity to their members.
2. DIN Cell to issue message through e-mail and SMS to all existing DIN holders who have not furnished their PAN earlier at the time of obtaining DIN to furnish their PAN by filing DIN-4 e-form by 15.12.2011 to avoid penal action.

Copy for information to:

1. PS to CAM and PS to MOS
2. PPS to Secretary, Additional Secretary, Joint Secretaries

Click to download the above Circular- General Circular No: 66/2011, dated 04.10.2011.

Source: Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

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