Updating of Income Tax PAN details in MCA21 DIN DATA

Posted: 20/12/2011 in DIN, Directors, General, Income Tax, MCA


General Circular No: 32/2011 dated 31/05/2011 read with 66/2011 Dated 4/10/2011, Ministry of Corporate Affairs has mandated providing Income-tax Permanent Account Number (Incometax PAN) for obtaining Director Identification Number (DIN) in case of Indian nationals. All existing DIN holders who have not furnished their PAN earlier at time of obtaining DIN are also required to furnish PAN details by filing DIN-4 form on MCA21 by 15th December, 2011.

In addition, in case of those DIN holders who have furnished their PAN earlier, there may be mismatch between particulars provided in their DIN application (i.e. name or father’s name or date of birth) with Income Tax PAN details. Such DIN holders are also required to correct their particulars in DIN data base by filing Form DIN4; In case of correction needed in PAN data base, they need to apply to Income Tax authorities and then file correct information with MCA21 using DIN4 form. This activity is also to be completed by 15th December, 2011.

E-mails have been sent to such DIN holders who are covered in the above categories, viz nonavailability of PAN or mismatch of PAN with DIN, and whose e-mail addresses are available in the MCA21 system. However, there are such DIN holders also whose e-mail addresses are not available in MCA21 system. All such cases of non-availability of PAN or mismatch between PAN and DIN have been made available in MCA21 Portal. You are advised to visit the MCA21 Portal to check your details and to file the DIN4 form wherever required. Filing information under DIN4 form is free of any charges.

Non-provision of PAN details or any mismatch in DIN and PAN information will be treated as default and such DINs may be disabled for access of MCA21 System after December 15, 2011.

Source: Ministry of Corporate Affairs

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