CCI joins as Co-Chair of Merger Group of ICN

Posted: 29/04/2012 in CCI, News

International Competition Network (ICN), a network of Competition Authorities across the world, has organized its Eleventh annual conference in Rio de janerio, Brazil during April 17-20. Shri Ashok Chawla, Chairperson, Competition Commission of India (CCI), participated in the plenary session of Merger Working Group and shared India’s experience in introducing the merger review process which has come into effect in the country from June 1, 2011. In particular, he shared the institutional building efforts made in CCI to equip the officials with necessary skills to review the mergers from competition point of view and the framing of regulations for laying the procedural architecture as well as management of the external environment. India has been invited to be the co-chair of Merger Working Group of ICN for the next year, the other co-chairs being Competition Authorities of European Commission and Italy. This is recognition of India’s success in introducing the merger review process through the robust regulatory structure and engaging with the stake-holders to allay their fears and concern through continued dialogue. The co-chair ship of the group would provide India an excellent opportunity for participating in developing a harmonized global framework for merger review and learning from the experiences of other jurisdictions.

Source: Press Information Bureau.


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