Transfer of Specified Members of ITAT from One Bench(es) to another Bench(es)

Posted: 30/05/2012 in Income Tax

ORDER [NO. F-46-AD(AT)2012], DATED 11-5-2012

In pursuance of the consultations of the collegium of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal consisting of the President and two senior-most Vice Presidents, the following Members of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal are hereby transferred, in public interest, in the same capacity to the Bench(es) of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal as shown against their names, with effect from 28th May, 2012: –

Sr. No. Name & Designation of the Member Bench(es),where posted at present Bench(es) to which transferred
1. Shri I.P Bansal, Judicial Member New Delhi Mumbai
2. Shri I.C Sudhir, Judicial Member Pune New Delhi
3. Shri N.V. Vasudevan, Judicial Member Mumbai Bangalore
4. Shri J. Sudhakar Reddy, Accountant Member Mumbai New Delhi
5. Ms. Sushma Chowla, Judicial Member Chandigarh Pune

As the transfer of Shri I.C Sudhir, J.M, Pune is at his own request, he is not entitled to any joining time, transfer benefits admissible under the Rules. The other Members, may avail joining time and transfer T.A as admissible under the Rules.

Source: Income Tax Department- India.


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