Quality of XBRL Filings Certified by Professional Members

Posted: 21/10/2012 in Circulars, MCA
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General Circular No. 33/2012, No. HQ/MCA/Digitized/ARBS/2009-Pt-2, dated 16.10.2012

You are aware that XBRL filing of financial statements by a select class of companies for FY 2010-11 was mandatedvideMinistry of Corporate Affairs Notification GSR No: 748(E), dated 05.10.2011. The e-forms were duly certified by CA/CS/CWA professionals for their completeness and correctness in representation with respect to audited financial statement of the company.

2. A random scrutiny of XBRL filing of financial statements by few companies to MCA for FY 2010-11 reveals significant variations in disclosures in published results and the XBRL filings due to ‘incorrect’ mapping of disclosures. It has been observed that few disclosures were ‘mapped/tagged’ with incorrect accounting concept despite availability of appropriate element in taxonomy. It has also been observed that provisions of “Block Text tagging” and/or “Footnote” have been inappropriately used to report disclosures, like subsidiary details, related party transactions, Director’s Report, etc., even when appropriate elements were available in the taxonomy for such disclosures. Few instances of “incorrect” tagging of XBRL documents are provided at Annexure-I.

3. Such filing are inaccurate and do not adequately represent true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company as per section 211 of the Companies Act, 1956. Such XBRL filings, apart from being misleading, also dilute the effectiveness of XBRL for stakeholders’ usage relating to the companies. It is unfortunate that professionals have certified the authenticity of such incorrect data, for which they are liable to be penalized. Such lapses defeat the very purpose of introducing XBRL filings which are meant to elicit more detailed and refined information as to the affairs of companies. Please note that XBRL filings are being minutely scrutinized to see if similar mistakes also appear in a larger sample.

4. It is bounden duty of Institutes to direct its members to take necessary steps to improve the quality of XBRL filing for FY 2011-12 to be undertaken by its members. The Institute may conduct further trainings, issue guidelines, etc. so that such quality related issues are appropriately resolved.

5. This may be accorded high priority.



Errors Observation
Cash Flow Statement not tagged
The Cash Flow Statement for FY 2010-11 is available in the Audited Financial Statements (PDF file). However, the same has not been tagged in XBRL financial statements filed at MCA portal.


Information of all subsidiaries not provided in XBRL financial statements Information about one Subsidiary has been tagged in XBRL financial statements whereas the Company had nine Subsidiaries.
Information of all related party transactions not provided in XBRL financial statements Related Party Disclosures have not been tagged in XBRL financial statement.
Parenthetical (additional disclosures) information not tagged in XBRL financial statements Aggregate Market Value of Investments not provided by way of footnote. Additional information on Issued, Subscribed & Paid up Share Capital not explained by way of footnote.
Footnotes not tagged in XBRL financial statements. Footnotes on Share Capital, Secured Loan, Reserve and Surplus, unsecured loan-Fixed deposits, Investments, Fixed Assets, Security deposit, etc. have not been tagged. Footnote on “Investments” has not been given.
Different presentation in PDF and XBRL filings The Annual Report presented before the shareholders the figures were presented in Rs. Thousands whereas in the XBRL documents the figures were provided in Rs. Lakhs.
Incorrect usage of Footnote Director’s Report provided by way of footnote whereas separate tags are available for tagging of Directors’ Report. Similarly, for Auditors’ Report, Significant Accounting policies, Unsecured Loan, Current Liabilities, etc. Footnote has been incorrectly used.





Click here to download the complete text of the above Circular in PDF Format- General Circular No. 33/2012 dated 16.10.2012.

Source: Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

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