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  1. A. Kamath says:

    ICAI is a body incorporated under the Act of Parliament. However, it appears that it is working at the whims and fancies of some Chartered Accountants. For example, the institute for the first time introduced 15 minutes time to the students appearing in May 2011 examination for the purpose of reading the question paper and plan accordingly. Now, I understand from your blog that it had been suddenly withdrawn. When I informed this fact to my wife, she laughed and told that relatives or wards of some powerful members of ICAI i.e. Chartered Accountants may be appearing for the examination in May 2011. So, such a good system was suddenly introduced and withdrawn without providing sufficient reasons for the same.
    The ICAI site is one of the slowest one. One has to be very lucky to get an access to this site. Even if you get an access to this site it does not provide any essential information on applicability of RTI Act and greivance redressal officer. This clearly indicated that the institution is not working in a transparent manner. It is the regulatory institutions which bring several accounting malpractices to the public notice. Please provide me one single where the Chartered Accountants or Chartered Accountants firms or ICAI have cautioned the public against malpractices taking in any institution.

    The idea of ICAI to maintain the Final CA results at less than 10% and in some cases 2% in the name of maintaining standards is foolish a attempt. My daughter attempted for final CA for the last five times and finding it very difficult to get through. She is an average student and studious. However, I find some of her colleagues who are below average passing all the papers in one attempt. I wanted to make comparison of answer papers of both the students and understand the reasons for my daughter not succeeding and another below average student getting through. ICAI does not provide any platform for the same. It clearly indicates that it works in a non-transparent manner and does not want to maintain the standard and reveal to the public the standard of the persons verifying the answer papers.

    Whenever, I or my wife speak to anybody who cleared CA and even those practicing mention clearly that passing the final examination is a SHEER LUCK. Let the institute introspect on this issue and run it’s operation in a transparent manner. Let it provide the copies of corrected answer sheets to the students who are applying for reverification of the papers. Let it also provide the copies of answer sheets of other student to any other student who wants to find out reasons for his/her failure. The standards can be maintained only through public scrutiny.
    In brief, I want the following information and remedial action from ICAI and its present President G. Ramaswamy on the following issues:
    1) Make the ICAI site accessable to everybody at a greater speed.
    2) Provide information on applicability of RTI act to the institute and the e-mail id and phone number of Grievance Redressal Officer to whom the aggreived students and their parents can approach for remedial action.
    3) Whenever ICAI changes any rules and regulations, please transparently provide the reasons for the same.
    4) Please provide me the e-mail id and telephone number of present President G. Ramaswamy and other committe member of the institute.
    5) Whenever a student seeks a copy of the answer paper to understand the reasons for his failure, the same may be provided.
    6) ICAI should maintain the parity in the salary structure of CA and CA (Inter) passed students. In other words, ICAI should give due recognition to CA (inter) candidates and publicise the same since CA (Inter) candidates also perform in a similar manner. Just the degree is differentiating them. Otherwise, no major difference between both of them.

    Please ICAI introspect and provide necessary clarification to raise its standards.

    A. Kamath

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