ICAI Motto

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) Motto:
Ya esa suptesu jagarti kamam kamam Puruso nirmimanah |
Tadeva sukram tad brahma tadevamrtamucyate |
Tasminlokah sritah sarve tadu natyeti Kascan |
etad vai tat |

(That person who is awake in those that sleep,
shaping desire after desire, that, indeed, is the pure.
That is Brahmam, that indeed is called the immortal.
In it all the worlds rest and no one ever goes beyond it.
This, verily, is that, kamam kamam : desire after desire, really objects of desire.
Even dream objects like objects of walking consciousness are due to the Supreme Person.
Even dream consciousness is a proof of the existence of the self.
No one ever goes beyond it : of Eckhard : ‘On reaching God all progress ends.’)

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Source: ICAI

ICAI MOTTO in Image Format:

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