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Further Clarification – Non-Applicability of Taxable Services in Final-Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws for November, 2012 Examinations

We have received large number of queries from the students with regard to the BoS’ announcement dated 07.07.2012 relating to the non-applicability of taxable services in Final – Paper 8: Indirect Tax laws for November 2012 examinations. In this regard, it is reiterated that the Examination Committee at its 497th meeting held in September, 2012 has decided that students appearing in November 2012 examinations will not be examined with respect to specific services in the area of service tax laws in Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws (Final Examination).

Therefore, it is clarified that ALL the taxable services (including the thirty two (32) services notified earlier by the BOS through its announcement dated 14.09.2011) will not be relevant for November 2012 exams.

It is further clarified that Chapter 4 : Gamut and Coverage of Taxable Services of Study Material and Practice Manual for Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws will NOT be applicable for November 2012 exams. However, it may be noted that all other chapters of the Study Material and Practice Manual are relevant for November 2012 examination.

Based on the queries received from the students, the following are further clarified:

(i) Negative list of services and other amendments made vide the Finance Act, 2012 are not relevant for Nov 2012 exams.

(ii) Marks distribution between the three sections viz. Central Excise (40 marks), Service Tax and VAT (40 marks) and Customs (20 marks) has not changed.

Director Board of Studies

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Source: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.




Circular No. 164/15/2012-ST, F. No. 356/17 /2012 – TRU, dated 28th August, 2012

Clarification has been sought in respect of levy of service tax on certain vocational education/training/ skill development courses (VEC) offered by the Government (Central Government or State Government) or local authority themselves or by an entity independently established by the Government under the law, as a society or any other similar body.

2. The issue has been examined. When a VEC is offered by an institution of the Government or a local authority, question of service tax does not arise. In terms of section 66D (a), only specified services provided by the Government are liable to tax and VEC is excluded from the service tax.

3. When the VEC is offered by an institution, as an independent entity in the form of society or any other similar body, service tax treatment is determinable by the application of either sub-clause (ii) or (iii) of clause (l) of section 66D of the Finance Act, 1994. Sub-clause (ii) refers to “qualification recognized by any law” and sub-clause (iii) refers to “approved VEC”. In the context of VEC, qualification implies a Certificate, Diploma, Degree or any other similar Certificate. The words “recognized by any law” will include such courses as are approved or recognized by any entity established under a central or state law including delegated legislation, for the purpose of granting recognition to any education course including a VEC.

4. This Circular may be communicated to the field formations and service tax assessees, through Public Notice/Trade Notice. Hindi version to follow.

Source: Directorate of Service Tax.